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Royal Rest is The Health Professionals Choice

A superior, high quality and unique neck support pillow, manufactured and designed in Sweden, recommended by manual therapists and specialists in Europe, North America and Australia for the past 20 years

sjukgymnastRoyal Rests scientifically confirmed superior features has been of great value in the treatment of back, shoulder and neck problems in providing for enhanced comfort and flexibility, help prevent muscle strain, relieve tension on your limbs and being engineered to maintain your contour aligned the shape of your body.

Due to Royal Rest unique ability to enable both comfort and support at the same time, it is a listed medical device by the Swedish Medical Products Agency and recommended by Physiotherapists, Manual Therapists and other Health Care Professionals in Europa, North America and Australia for the past 20 years.

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Royal Rest is available in both classic comfort foam (Royal Rest Original) and in viscoelastic memory foam (Royal Rest Memory). It also comes in three different sizes for both of these two qualities and each pillow has two different heights to suit all people. There is a Royal Rest pillow for every individual who strives after a condition where you sleep soundly and awake refreshed.

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Kjell Sunesson had been stationed in Korea for quite some time when, in the late 1980-ies, during a trip to the Far East, Kjell Sunessons wife contracted lumbago. After returning home to Sweden she...  

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Best in Scientific Test 

According to many physiotherapists and patients in Scandinavia, Royal Rest is the best orthopedic neck support pillow. A comparative study of 6 different neck support pillows was carried out at the University Hospital in Lund and Royal Rest came...   

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Concept & Feature 

In the manufacturing of orthopedic pillows, there are great differences in features. Most so-called orthopedic and medical pillows are made from some type of foam plastic. When pillows are manufactured from foam plastic, it can be done in...  

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Care and advice 

Foam plastic should not be exposed to high temperatures as this speed up the aging process. When foam plastic gets old it becomes dry and will then crack...  

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