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Vision Statement


Royal Rest AB develop and manufacture high quality products, of unique design, with a proven record of not only providing comfort, but also the necessary and correct support for the neck and spine, in order to alleviate or preventing many common forms of back, neck and shoulder pain.

We live up to our slogan "Car and comfort in perfect harmony" and have a strong feeling about the Swedish tradition of delivering quality over time and providing for what we believe to be best for our customers  - to an affordable price. Don’t hesitate to contact us to express you view on our products or suggestion on any other existing pressure relieving medical device on the market you think could be improved, and also if you want to know more about Royal Rest. Maybe you are a patient who has been helped by Royal Rest? We are eager to know your Royal Rest story, so write to us below.

Perhaps you’re a health care professional who want to provide the best alternative for your patient in therapeutic or orthopedic neck support pillows. Please contact us by pressing this link for information on how to become local distributor or retailer.

Royal Rest AB
P.O.Box 82
S-233 22 Svedala
Phone: +46 40-414199
Owner of the registered trademark; Royal Rest

Owner of the registered design for pillow with two heights and two cores

RoyalRest R blue outlines