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- The Royal Rest Story

  Kjell Sunesson had been stationed in Korea for quite some time when, in the late 1980-ies, during a trip to the Far East, Kjell Sunessons wife contracted lumbago. After returning home to Sweden she had to stay in bed for almost two weeks. During that time the pain transformed also up to the neck. They tried to remedy the problem with the help of various orthopedic pillows.

However, neither did help. Kjell Sunesson then recalled the many thousands-of-years old Eastern tradition of resting the head on things like bamboo poles wrapped in rice bundles or cloth material. This led to obtaining some smaller blocks of foam plastic, which were cut in the shape of the head. It was a matter of meeting the requirements of providing both a comfortable resting and sleeping position as well as giving the neck proper support.

  The next step was, therefore, to combine the softly shaped outer covering with two support cores of a somewhat firmer material. The shape of the cores was important. They should provide support without giving troublesome counter pressure. They were therefore placed diagonally across the pillow, so that the support became elastic and flexible and so that the counter pressure was not directed upwards. This helped! The construction was given the finishing touches in many tests together with physiotherapists, patients and experts in foam plastic manufacturing. The result has been shown to meet the high expectation that was required. The year was 1993.