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Why Royal Rest? – Best in scientific test!

Royal Rest Winning Features:


  • Royal Rest is the orthopedic pillow with unique Swedish design & quality
  • Manufactured in Sweden to patient friendly prices
  • Provides correct spine alignment, improves comfort, sleep and life quality
  • Ventilated material keeps you cool and fresh throughout the night
  • Temperature regulated visco-elastic pillows Royal Rest Memory
  • Environmentally friendly production and allergy tested
  • 3 year limited warranty

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Royal Rest AB designe and manufacture in Sweden, high quality medical polyurethane products, of unique design, with a proven record of not only providing comfort, but also the necessary support for the neck and spine, in order to alleviate or preventing many common forms of back- and neck pain.

In providing the Royal Rest range of pillows to the international market we have raised life quality for thousands of people during the past 20 years giving them comfort, pain relief and improved ability for rest and sleep. We are still impressed by our own product and dedicated fans of its abilities. Royal Rest products are well-reputed and documented. It was not only picked out as the best pillow in serving its functions, but also chosen as the orthopedic pillow to be recommended patient by health care and manual therapist, in the only independent scientific study ever performed regarding therapeutic pillows, up to date and according to our knowledge. This was performed in competition with the major brands in the world.

Once you try it, you will feel the difference in quality and function. It carries a 3-year warranty, OEKO-TEX 100 certificate, CE-registration and is a registered medical device by the Swedish Medical Agency.