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A unique design with superior orthopedic properties

All Royal Rest orthopedic pillows will give you proper support for your shoulder, neck and cervical spine. Thanks to its ergonomic design the pillow fits right in between the shoulder and cervical region, supporting the area in between, which will softly position the spine into a correct alignment.

First time users of orthopedic pillows may initially experience a slight stretching sensation to the neck and shoulder area, due to the fact that the body is not used in receiving the support many of us require. It is therefore recommended that you give your body 2 – 14 nights to get used in receiving necessary support and the good healthy, relaxing rest your body requires.

Comfort and Support in Perfect Harmony

As most alternative orthopedic pillows on the market are made of one solid material, it is obviously difficult to provide both comfort and support simultaneously; the pillow will either be soft and comfortable, but then lacking sufficient support. Or it will be firm to give support but perceived as too firm to provide comfort. That is why Royal Rest pillow models consists of flexing cores in a firm material within an airy body of soft comfortable foam. The firm cores makes the manufacture of a pillow in a super soft comfort material possible while still performing accurate support giving correct spine alignment, tension relief and relaxation. The pillow material surrounding the cores is made of an open cell-structure which permits perfect ventilation and keeping you cool and fresh throughout the night. These are the factors that make all Royal Rest pillows unique and stand out amongst other alternatives on the market when it comes to giving comfort and relief, while putting high demands on quality and function, seeking relief from strain and pain in back, neck or shoulder.

High Resilient Comfort Foam Pillows

– Classic comfort material

Royal Rest Original &
Royal Rest Original King Size

Royal Rest Original & Royal Rest Original King Size

Royal Rest Comfort+

Royal Rest Comfort+

Viscoelastic Foam Pillows

– Memory foam material

Royal Rest Memory &
Royal Rest Memory King Size

Royal Rest Memory & Royal Rest Memory King Size

Royal Rest Junior

Royal Rest Junior




Our demands on environmental friendly production and product quality

Royal Rest products are unique and registered with the Swedish Medical Agency as a medical device. The manufacture is along the rquirements set by ISO 9001:2008 adn is certified by CertiPUR  which means viteh foam material is tested and for harmful substances.


Royal Rest products are CE-marked to verify that the product complies with all applicable EC requirements, such as safety, health, and environmental protection, and, if stipulated in any directive, has had them examined by a notified conformity assessment body such as the Swedish Medical Agency.

All material in our products are allergy tested

OEKO-Text100-StandardAll material in our products are allergy tested. Material in the products are registered with the OEKO-Text100-Standard.
Read more on OEKO-Text100-Standard!

What is ”Memory Foam"?

Royal Rest Memory consists of the viscoelastic material called memory foam. All memory foams softens in reaction to body heat, allowing it to mold to a warm body in a few minutes, providing sensation of weightlessness and comfort. (Click on the image to enlarge it.)


Memory Foam

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