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Care Instruction


How to take care of my Pillow

Foam plastic should not be exposed to high temperatures as this speed up the aging process. When foam plastic gets old it becomes dry and will then crack easily. This means in principle that the Royal Rest pillows should be stored in room temperature and not be exposed to direct sunlight. The pillows should be hand washed at a maximum temperature of 40 C. The water should then be squeezed out carefully and thereafter self dried in normal room temperature. It will take roughly 12 hours until it is dry, so normally you can use it the following night again.

N.B. The pillow should NOT be washed in machine or tumble dried.

The Pillowcase can then be washed separately in max 60 C.

We recommend you to use an additional pillowcase with a size of at least 500 x 600 mm. The Pillowcase needs to be large in order to allow the pillow to be flexible and bendable.


Environmentally Friendly

Royal Rest has no Freon and no Freon has been used during manufacturing. The glue which is used in Royal Rest is water based. The pillowmaterial and case is certified according to the European standard; Öko-Tex, which conclude that the pillow does not consist of any harmful ingredients.

Colour of the Plastic Foam

After some time the foam plastic starts to change colorr. It becomes more yellow. This is a natural process and it does not affect the functioning of the pillow. It occurs since the pillow is exposed to light. Some light will go through the pillowcases and hit the foam plastic.