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The Royal Rest Concept & Feature


The-All-In-One Pillow

In the manufacturing of orthopedic pillows, there are great differences in features. Most so-called orthopedic and medical pillows are made from some type of foam plastic. When pillows are manufactured from foam plastic, it can be done in two different ways: one way is to mould them in a die, one pillow at a time, and the other way is to cut them out from a very large piece. One can notice certain differences: a moulded pillow has a very thin film on the outside; in appearance it is something like a skin. This film makes the circulation of air more difficult. A cut pillow on the other hand, has an open structure, so the air can pass through more easily.


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A Cut Pillow with Excellent Air Circulation

It is a fact that adults secrete between 400-500ml of body fluid per night in a normal night sleep. All this moisture has to go somewhere; it either goes into the bedclothes, mattress, pillow or quilt, but preferably it should be carried away by air currents.

Open structure to let air pass through, to get rid of moisture from the body is the goal. We do not want to feel too hot, perspire and have a sticky feeling during sleep. The more comfortable you feel during sleep, the less you will move and the better sleep you will get.


A combination of soft and firm materials to provide simultaneous comfort and support

A moulded pillow is homogeneous – it has the same firmness or softness throughout the entire pillow. And since the entire pillow is of the same consistency, this means that one has begun to compromise from day one – how firm or soft one wants the pillow to be.

If the pillow is made too soft, then it just collapses and therefore does not provide any support. If the pillow is too hard it will give support but it will not be relaxing and comfortable to rest your head on.

The Royal Rest pillow is cut, which gives the opportunity to combine both soft and firmer materials to achieve both relief and support at the same time.

We understand, and have raised the question with patients, that the most important requirement is that a pillow should be perceived as soft and comfortable. Obviously it should also give support. Royal Rest has therefore a super soft and resilient cover, soft material at the top and more firm material at the bottom, again like having two pillows in one.


Resilient, flexible Support Core to Give Better Relief

Apart from the combination of firm and soft materials it is also important to understand how the support core itself works. If the support core had been set upright or been round, then the pressure would have been vertically straight up, which would result in a hard and uncomfortable feeling. In Royal Rest the cores are placed diagonally, a little aslant, to give the support core resilience and flexion. As a result it then flexes and gives support, but still feels very soft.

The Pillow has Two Different Heights to Suit as Many as Possible

Additionally, Royal Rest has two different heights to be able to fit different body sizes and preferences. Just turn the pillow 180 degrees to change height. This is also an advantage from a storage point of view and it will save administrative costs.