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Royal Rest Junior

Royal Rest Junior

Memory JuniorRoyal Rest Junior is part of a range of unique viscoelastic (also called viscous elastic) ergonomic (or anatomic) pillows and is smaller than Royal Rest Memory to fit adults with lower shoulders and necks, young adults and children from 7 years of age.

Unique pillows with orthopaedic support cores

To gain the full benefit of their treatment, it is important for adults with neck and shoulder problems who are seeing a manual therapist to ensuring proper relief and posture after completing their treatment. Scientific studies show that Royal Rest's unique solution with orthopaedic support cores provides this, while the patient enjoys unsurpassed comfort through the super soft and breathable pillow material.

Royal Rest Orthopedic PillowsRoyal Rest Pillow Covers

Most families need to rest and sleep well to be able to function during the day. A good night’s sleep means more than just a functional family life, and experts agree that lack of sleep can lead to learning and concentration problems at school, poorer health outcomes and lack of self-esteem for children and young adults.

Royal Rest Orthopedic Pillows

Up to 40% of children experience sleep problems. Every parent wants the best for their children – and now you can give them the best even while they sleep. Royal Rest pillows are manufactured in Sweden and are designed to provide better comfort than other options. At the same time, they help maintain the correct lying position, thanks to the springing support cores that are made from a firmer material and that relieve the shoulders and neck.

Suitable for adults with low neck and shoulder profiles and children from 7 years old.

Royal Rest JuniorRoyal Rest Junior

Royal Rest Junior

  • Designed and manufactured in Sweden
  • Minimum order volume and number per box: 3 pillows per box
  • Each package contains: 1 brochure, 1 pillow, 1 fitted pillowcase

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